"Portrait of Ms. Bruni" - Watercolor on Arches paper 140lb

Portrait of Ms. Bruni

Here is the step by step of Amy's portrait. It's about 11x15 inches on Arches 140lb. This is another case of a portrait done with photos that were not taken by me and not meant to be used for this particular painting, even though they were furnished by Ms. Bruni herself.

On this particular portrait, you can see how I have changed my mind about her hair on top of her right shoulder, going from very stylized to a more organic feel.

Amy Bruni - Sketch/Study for commission portrait

When doing a commission piece, I like to do a loose sketch/study of my subjects before anything else - before thinking about lighting, composition, size, etc. I need it to be fresh, easy and almost caricature like. It helps me to get familiar with the subject's facial structure, specially when I'm working with a limited number of reference pictures.

This is the Study/Sketch for Amy Bruni's portrait that I'll be doing soon.

Commission for Brook Pifer!

My most recent portrait commission, for Rock Star Photographer Brook Pifer, was Buffy, her awesome Pug! So yeah, I do doggy portraits too, folks.


That's right. It's open!
This is the only place you can buy my artwork and
the Limited Edition Skate Decks!!

Twitter-gossip!! Diablo Cody IS Awesome!!


 The AMAZING Print that Diablo Cody ordered, is a painting that I did of her, about one years ago, and you can see it HERE  and you can order a copy HERE. Thank you, DC. http://twitter.com/diablocody

Orlando Weekly Cover Assignment: Halloween Mask - Alan Greyson
This piece is out now, go grab one!

Portrait of Matt Butcher

This is pretty straight forward, just a portrait of Matt. As I taking the reference pictures, he mentioned that he liked his shades and I think it is one of the the coolest things on this painting - just how dark they are, but still showing some transparency.

ART SHO was a big success!

Last Friday I had the pleasure to be part of the 2009 SHO Foundation Art show in Winter Park, Florida. The "Simply Helping Others" Foundation and Brook Pifer put together a great event, helping the Arts and the Orlando area kids that will be affected by the huge budget cuts in education this year.

Here's Isabelle Ribeiro and I.

SHO Foundation - New Art Show in Orlando

OPEN BAR, LIVE MUSIC, Party for a good cause! $10 donation at the door, $5 when you donate an art supply. For more info visit SHO Foundation on Facebook or visit http://www.shofoundation.org

Portrait of Matt Butcher - study

I'm finally posting the study for my last painting that should be on the October show. This is the study for Matt Butcher's portrait. Matt (http://www.myspace.com/mattbutchermusic) is a great singer-songwriter from Orlando, and he was very kind in participating in my "Local Portraits" project. So, "thank you, Matt"

Portrait of Jess Anderson

Latest painting. This was fun and a little more challenging than previous paintings. I still have to scan it, since this picture makes the colors a little off. This is painting number five out of six that I want to show in October.

Jess was really excited to get this painting done and I hope she likes it. I have a few more shots of her that would make a good painting, so you might see more...

ART SHO Save Art Save the World, Art Supply Drive

OPEN BAR, LIVE MUSIC, Party for a good cause!
$10 donation at the door, $5 when you donate an art supply. For more info visit SHO Foundation on Facebook or visit http://www.shofoundation.org

Plinio Pinto
Mel Taylor
Melissa Smith
Nicky Botelho
Michelle Marconi
Belinda Anderson

"Art as Decoration"

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I just sold this custom Gibson guitar that was on loan at City Arts Factory to the owner of a new bar that will be opening soon in Downtown Orlando called "Bullitt". I guess it will be used as decoration and he might be commissioning a new one, hopefully soon. More pictures HERE

Portrait of Ms. Ricci

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This was one of the first paintings I did when I started actually going for a more painterly approach with my watercolor figurative/portrait work, August 2008. Back then, I received an email via Flickr, short after posting it on line, from a casting agent lady in California saying she had forwarded my artwork to Christina Ricci's Agent because she thought it was so well done and that Ms. Ricci would like it too. Unfortunately I never heard back from them. The original painting was sold late last year. I regret selling it.

Portrait of Mr. Couture

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I haven't made any time to work on my moleskine lately. I really should, even though I don't like skecthing too much. I tend to overwork a lot and these help to to keep it fresh. I also like the color tone of the Payne's Gray.

Twits by some cool Twitters

Here are some comments made by some cool people on Twitter about my work!

@hydro74 - Joshua M. Smith

@katiewest - Katie West

@KrisWilliams81 - Kris Williams

A Basic Palette

I few postings ago, I mentioned how important it is to keep you palette limited and to actually master what colors can you get with them without worrying so much about pigment names and more technical terminology. I'm posting now a link, that was circulating on Twitter, which I thought was well written and goes much deeper into the more theoretical part of setting up a beginner's watercolor palette.


Twitted by:

iTweetArt Guide to the beginner's watercolor palette via @julesandnate http://tinyurl.com/n27wzg <--some really good info


I have some limited edition prints available for sale. They are hand signed and limited to 25 per item and are printed on Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper between 11X14 inches and 11X16 inches depending on the piece. Price:US$60 - US$75 +shipping All orders and other questions, please email info@grapesodastudio.com or 321-251-7180 Discounts available. Some Original Paintings are still available for sale.

Portrait of Jess Anderson - Study

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This is a study for the Jess Anderson's portrait. Watercolor on Arches 140lb about 11x15 in. Will be part of the show in October.

Portrait of Roxy Balboa

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This is the finished painting of Roxy Balboa. As I wrote before, she is a Muay Thai US Women's Lightweight Champion 2008 & 2009 and personal trainer based in LA. I actually never met her personally, only through the internet, but she was nice enough to let me use this painting for an upcoming artshow in October here in Orlando. After going over some personal photos with Roxy, we decided this pose worked the best, and that we needed to incorporate her signature skirt and the black and red wraps on her hands - the way she usually wraps for training. The process was a lot like working with an art director when I do editorial work, minus the back and forth sketches - which is great. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to CA to meet her and take the reference photos myself. Maybe next time.

Here's the step-by-step


I plan to have a new series every six months with editions of 25 per deck.
ALTPICK.COM kindly talked about it on the NEWS section of their website. http://altpick.com/news/3435

Roxy Balboa

Working on a painting of Roxy Balboa. She is a Muay Thai US Women's Lightweight Champion 2008 & 2009 and personal trainer based in LA.
The picture is probably of layer 3. Again, working with Watercolor on Arches 140, 18x24 inches.


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I usually don't sketch much before painting. I usually work from reference pictures - not just one, but at least 3 different ones - and the sketch process takes place using Photoshop. After transfered to paper, usually cold press 140lb, streched on gatorboard, I start with thin washes, most of the time background first. I do it wet on wet in a way that I will lightly bleed it into the figure, to get some of the color scheme as reflected light/shadow. I try to use the first washes as my highlight hue on the figure as well.

Since I also don't usually use, or do a color study, I got to make sure I know exactly what my limited palette can produce - 10 to 13 colors palette divided in Basic transparents, Basic staining, 4 reds, 2 yellows 3 browns, 3 blues and Payne's Gray. Don't worry so much with correct pigment names or formula. Just make sure you always place it in the same position on the palette and learn what to get out of them.

When doing skin tones there is no formula (HATE when people say: Is just a little bit of red+yellow and some blue: thats why your painting sucks) Skin tone is hard and a lot of time goes into getting it right. Study Frank Frazetta's work.

Once I get my background about mid tone, it is time to start on the foreground. When doing the figure it's important to add thin transparent layers and wait for it to try completely before adding the next. I work on getting the torso about mid tone first and worry about the head last. Since the head is the focus point, I want it to have the highest contrast - and that's why painting brunettes is way easier, folks!

Contrast is what makes or breaks a painting. Once you reach mid tone just about everywhere in the piece, it's time to rework the background with dark tones, detail the head making sure skin tones are matching throughout the painting and that the light source is even as well.

The final step is to add highlights. I dont like using masking too much so I use gouache or gesso (very little, please!). I also do a lot of lifting which gives a nice texture - and that is why is important to use good quality paper.

Questions? info@grapesodastudio.com
Commissions? info@grapesodasudio.com

Emma Bunny blogs about me.

Emma Kruch posted a really nice entry about my artwork on her new Blog @ EmmaBunny for Spanish Moss Vintage
She also posted some pictures of my work as well as the new portrait of her that I just recently finished.

Florida Music Festival 09 Rock Walk Art Show May 14th

Florida Music Festival 09 Rock Walk Art Show May 14th
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Art walks hand in hand with Music and vice-versa. Music and Noise are often mistaken, and when Noise becomes Art it lasts forever. When a Musician makes Noise, you have Zappa. When an Actor makes Noise, you have Cooper. When a Performance Artist makes Noise, you have Pop.

Florida Music Festival 09 Rock Walk Art Show May 14th

Florida Music Festival 09 Rock Walk Art Show May 14th
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Florida Music Festival 09 Rock Walk Art Show May 14th

Orlando Florida - CityArts Factory – ART HAPPENINGS MAY 2009

Located in the Heart of the Downtown Arts District

ROCK WALK: The Art of Noise

ROCK N’ ROLL BABY!!! As we all know, art and music go hand in hand that said, the Annual Rock Walk Art show was developed to be exhibited in concert with the annual Florida Music Festival in downtown Orlando every May. For the third year CityArts is the host facility for the exhibit and this year CityARTS is also registration point for the music festival which guarantees a rich authentic rock and roll vibe for the exhibit. This year the exhibit shall remain up for public viewing and purchase of art for over 5 weeks. The exhibit will consists of local and regional artists of various styles and mediums. All of the art will represent the influence of music on artistic style.

The Rock Walk; Art of Noise exhibit will featuring: Abe Lincoln Jr., Scott Stanton, Plinio Pinto, Mel Taylor, Derek Gomes, Morgan Steele, Carrie Curtis, Jeff Noble, e-Raz, Andrew Spear, Stainboy, Brook Pifer, Donovan Astwood, Alex Wenton, Brice Stevens, Steven Shea and others.

09 FMF Rock Walk "SPATIAL" Step-by-Step

09 FMF Rock Walk "SPATIAL" Step-by-Step
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09 FMF Rock Walk "SPATIAL" Step-by-Step

This is one of the pieces for the 09 FMF Rock Walk Art Show, May 14th. Here is the step-by-step process work, done in watercolor on Arches paper, stretched on Gatorboard.


Originally uploaded by Plinio M Pinto

I'm currently working on a 3 piece series for the 09 Rock Walk Art Show, part of the Florida Music Festival, a yearly event that Orlando holds every May. This year the Theme is "The Art of Noise" and that instantly took me to Frank Zappa.
Trying to elaborate on the concept, and the need of, somehow, always needing to produce a 3 piece series, I got to "Aural, Spatial and Visual"
Here's a peek at "Aural"
Watercolor on paper 11x15

Lake Baldwin - Baldwin Park

Lake Baldwin - Baldwin Park
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Trying to get out of the studio more often and sketch around town. This is at Baldwin Park, a neighborhood between Winter Park and Colonial Town right outside DT Orlando.

Portrait of Erin

Portrait of Erin
Originally uploaded by Plinio M Pinto

Watercolor on paper 20x24in

4th Step

4th Step
Originally uploaded by Plinio M Pinto

One more step. Watercolor on paper 20x24in

Watercolor 20x24in

Watercolor steps. 2nd and 3rd out of 5 maybe?

Finish Line

Laine and Erin after running the winter park 10k, sat 14 - 1:05:00 and 1:00.03 respective times.

Good use of mustaches

Good use of mustaches
Originally uploaded by chelsealeigh

This is from Laine's Birthday Fiesta, just before taking a swing at the piñata. She had mustaches for the guys and flower for the gals. Picture by Chelsea.

Portrait of Trini - finished commission

Buy one.

OMA 1st Thursdays

OMA 1st Thursdays
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Last night OMA 1st Thursdays was fun, even though I only new about 2 people there. It was way bigger than I expected, about 200 people maybe?

Kat Von D @ Borders - Winter Park, Florida

Kat Von D @ Borders - Winter Park, Florida
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Kat was signing her new book at the Winter Park Borders today, pretty close to my house. She looked really tall, wearing a huge platform shoe, stripper style.

Portrait of Ms. Liu

Portrait of Ms. Liu
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3 of my paintings will be on display, along side other cool artist, at the OMA - Orlando Museum of Art -1st Thursdays, March 5th, celebrating "The Art of Film Making"

Held in collaboration with Enzian Theater and the Florida Film Festival. A red carpet event inspired by the world of the motion picture and those involved in the film industry.
Event Pricing
Admission: $10.00

“Orlando’s original art party” is the award-winning 1st Thursdays presented by the Associates, the OMA’s volunteer support group committed to expanding OMA membership and encouraging the appreciation of the visual arts. From 6 - 9 pm on the first Thursday of each month, OMA showcases a new theme with works by local artists, live music, cash bars serving wine, beer and soft drinks, and café offerings from area restaurants.

more info @