JAN 22nd 2011
Neon Forest - Orlando - Florida

11x15 commission portrait - Wedding Gift

11x15 commission portrait - Wedding Gift
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Watercolor on Arches 140lb

FaceForward Plinio Pinto

FaceForward Plino Pinto
Originally uploaded by Plinio M Pinto

Join us at the Orlando Museum, November 4th.

NEW Head Study -"Portrait of Ms. Baldeon"

Thanks to Isabelle Ribeiro for the awesome photo!

Elliot & Olivia - Famous Duos Series

Elliot & Olivia - Famous Duos Series
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Watercolor on Arches 140lb paper

Old Wiindmill

Old Wiindmill
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New Quickie Watercolor landscape on Arches 140lb

Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield

Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?
Jules: [scoffs] Don't be tellin' me about foot massages. I'm the foot fuckin' master.

Portrait of Hendi - Process Work

Portrait of Hendi

Here's a new piece also in watercolor on Arches 140lb paper. I hope you like it!

WORK IN PROGESS - Portrait of Hendi - Update

Portrait of Hendi Watercolor on paper - 18x24 in

WORK IN PROGESS - Portrait of Hendi

Watercolor on paper - 18x24 in

Self Portrait Process Work

1 - After transferring my final sketch to a stretched 140lb watercolor paper, I start with a light wash of what will be the lightest tones on my face, usually a light Yellow Ocher. For a basic skin tone, I used a mixture of Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ocher and either Cadmium Red or Perylene Maroon, depending on the tonality of the model. You can also see some blues and greens, setting up the reflected light and the undertone for the 5 o'clock shadow. Let it dry completely.

2- Step two, develop further the same concept of step one; Aways keep in mind the light source, reflected light and think of what is underneath the part of the face you are painting - cheeks are usually fleshy and warmer in color. Same with extremities, such as ears and nose, having more blood. Once you have reached a good overall mid tone on the figure, lay down a layer of background color - that will give you a good idea of how much darker do you need to go with the foreground. Let it dry.

3 - Start detailing the smaller and more important parts of the figure, such as eyes, eyebrows, nose and ears. Remember that the white part of your eye ball is NOT really white!! Work the background to the point where it is coherent with the figure

4 - I usually wait and finish the hair in the very last step, especially if it is the darkest thing in the painting. Before that, add any additional washes of skin tones, evening out reflected light, and darkening any mid tones that got lightened up by darkening the background. Add the shadows on forehead under the hair and on neck under jaw line. Last but not least, using white acrylic or gesso, hit some highlights on the eyes. Done!

Remember that there are so many different skin tones and so many other colors and lights are reflected from it. Don't fall for the Yellow + Red + Blue = skin tone mixture!!

"Self Portrait at Age 33"

Catalyst / GSS,INC. "GONZ" Limited Edition Skate Deck.

Early this year, I was approached by U.S.S. Catalyst - a Orlando Skate & Surf Shop - to create a piece for a Limited Edition skate deck with the theme "Legends". Mark Gonzales was the chosen one for the first piece and hopefully more will come from this partnership. I just received my board today and I'm very happy with the end result. The colors are bright and the image is sharp!  The Limited Edition of 50 decks is available right now at U.S.S Catalyst shop and it's only $39 bucks ! Go get yours RIGHT NOW ! Click here for how to get there!

Painting Process Step-by-Step

Here are another STEP-BY-STEP (oohh, babe) process for the recent paintings for Lazy Moon - which are on display AND are for sale, right now)

Lazy Moon Sports Commission

I just finished a 7 piece commission job for a Sports Bar located here in Orlando, FL called Lazy Moon.
Matt, the owner, had the idea of doing a series of portraits of sports legends, with a little twist - they're also known for their "bad boy" image inside and outside the court, field, ring, or wherever they play. Mike Tyson, Maradona, Wilt Chamberlain, John McEnroe are some of them...
All seven pieces are hanging right now at Lazy Moon (near UCF) and will be in display for 2 months. They are done in Watercolor, 22x28 inches. All available for sale. Prints coming soon.

So, please, stop by, have a beer and check out some cool art!

Sports Bar Commission

I have been asked to produce a series of 7 portraits of famous (and sometimes BAD) athletes for a Orlando Sports Bar called LAZY MOON. Ranging from Hockey stars to Boxing legends, the paintings will be available for sale and they should be up by the beginning of March. Here's peek at one of them - IN PROGRESS!!

Latest Painting

Working on a new piece for a limited edition skate deck for a local Orlando brand.
More info soon!